Our Story

It's a pleasure to welcome you to Cottontail Creative media, I am Hannah Matarazzo and I am the creative and emotive force busy working away in the studio here in Stroud.​

Using my background in psychology and creative practice I fell into dreaming up emotive content for businesses, as a ghostwriter and video storyteller, and one day it dawned on me...I was running emotive marketing campaigns without even realising it!

All my studies in emotion, behaviour, and attachment and my penchant for using creativity in my practice treating people combined with my super-duper daydreaming skills turned out to be an excellent skill set that empowered me to create emotive marketing.


The Cottontail creative studio was born and now I am excited to support business owners helping them to illicit the emotions they desire in their consumers.  Why? Well, to ensure each and every business I work with has branding, social media content, and stories that are a powerful force online, not just dead weight floating around the internet ether. 

It would be great to talk with you and discover how Cottontail Creative Media could help you.  Let's upscale your emotive content, or even start you on your journey if you are a new business. Just click on the icons below to give us a tinkle on the phone or send an email. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes Hannah